Turquoise Silver Ring

history of the turquoise silver ring

In present day, turquoise silver rings and other pieces of turquoise jewelry are worn predominantly for fashion. What many people do not know is the significance behind these beautiful rings. The gemstone, turquoise or “fallen sky stone” is highly valued in Native American culture. Like all things created from Earth, this gemstone was considered precious, possessing many beneficial properties.

What Properties Do Turquoise Silver Rings Possess?

Everything made from Earth, no matter how animate or inanimate, was considered alive by the Native Americans. Since they believed the stone was alive, they believed it held various properties beneficial in different situations. The stone was thought to contain positive healing energy and often used it to aid in healing the mind.

When trying to communicate with spirits, the stone was often adorned to protect its wearer. It also signifies success and was considered to more valuable than any type of gold. Another interesting belief when it came to the turquoise was look of the stone. Often times, turquoise silver rings possess cracks on the surface of the stone, creating a vein-like and unique touch.

The Native Americans believed the cracks formed on the stone of a turquoise silver ring signified a negative blow it took for its possessor. Despite how the Native Americans wore the stone, whether it was in the form of a necklace or a turquoise silver ring, these pieces of jewelry were regarded to be more than just ornamental pieces.

What Wearing a Turquoise Silver Ring Means Today?

Besides the aesthetic appeal this beautiful gemstone has, many people still believe in the properties a turquoise silver ring has. Some wearers believe the stone will take on the characteristics of its owner and become attune with them the more often they wear it. The more a person wears her turquoise silver ring, the more beneficial it will become.

Like the Native Americans, people today believe wearing turquoise silver rings will heal the person. It is believed to help with some illnesses such as: overacidity of the body, pain, cramps, rheumatism, gout, viral infections and promotes muscular growth. Beyond its healing properties, turquoise silver rings are given to others as a symbol of friendship or a relationship. The giver of the turquoise silver ring gifts it to a person they wish to protect.

The Continuing Popularity of Turquoise Silver Rings

The continued popularity of turquoise silver rings is not based upon aesthetic appeal alone. It is clear people still believe in the healing and protecting properties that the Native Americans once believed in. Some may see that possessing a turquoise silver ring may help with their luck or even aid in some of their illnesses. It must be stated, however, that without the beliefs the Native Americans held for this “sky stone” the turquoise silver ring may not be as popular in today’s culture and society.

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